Are you looking for a passionate motivational speaker to inspire youth or high school coaches? Greg Winkler relies on his 30 plus years of coaching and teaching, building relationships with student athletes, parents, and co-workers to inspire and motivate.

Greg has written a book about coaching for significance and can present on a variety of topics. He has spoken nationally about dealing with sport parents and has a presentation on Leading/Coaching for Significance. He can put a presentation together to meet the needs of your youth organization, high school staff, parent or coaching group. Greg is passionate about youth sports and is concerned with the 70% dropout rate of youth participation by the age of 14 and the fact that 25% of coaches quit each year. Greg can help you make your teams and communities keep sport participation significant and help you become a better coach or leader.

Whether it is goal-setting, team-building, parental pressure, or keeping things positive, Greg can help keep that fire burning. Contact Greg and bring him to your organization.


Character First

Improving your Athletic Program from the Core

Check the news - how many stories do you read about high school athletes or coaches involved in behavior that is not only illegal but damaging to the school/community reputation? Bullying, hazing, sexual assault, sexual misconduct, threats against the school, drugs, alcohol, theft, just to name some of the topics of recent stories.

Are you concerned about sportsmanship in your program? Too many technical fouls, player ejections, excessive yellow cards, unsportsmanlike conduct penalties?

Maybe it is time for an athletic program that focuses on character values. How do we start? How do we get everyone on board? How do we get our athletes to respond?

Bring your coaches together for a day and put Character First in your athletic program. While implementing a character-based program will not guarantee more wins, athletes and athletic programs that focus on character will see better performances as a byproduct.


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Coaching a Season of Significance

As coaches, we are always looking for tools and resources to improve our programs and benefit our teams. Coaching a Season of Significance was written by a soccer coach for soccer coaches, however, many of the ideas can be utilized by any coach for any sport.

Coaching a Season of Significance starts at the beginning of the season with the preseason meeting, organization, and setting team goals. It takes a look at many of the challenges coaches face throughout the course of their season, concluding with the post-season banquet.

Coaching a Season of Significance looks at team rules, the difference between coaching boys and girls, selecting a team, dealing with administration, program promotion, and more.

If you are looking for ideas that will help make your season or your coaching significant, and if you want to have a significant impact on your athletes, this book will be worth the read.

Keith Tozer:
  • Head Coach/V.P. Soccer
    Operations, Milwaukee Wave
  • Four-Time Indoor Champion
  • Seven-Time Coach of the Year
  • Winningest Coach in North
    American Indoor History
  • Head Coach, U.S. National
    Futsal Team
  • FIFA Futsal Instructor

“What a great tool! Coaching a Season of Significance is a must-read for coaches wanting to improve their relationships with players, parents, referees, and other coaches. Written with insight and compassion, Coach Winkler shares what has worked and what hasn't. He has built a youth soccer program that has gone from 350 players to over 2000, while also developing a successful high school program. These achievements are testimonies to the strength of Winkler’s techniques. On the soccer field and beyond, this book is a valuable resource for coaches of any sport.”

– Keith Tozer


Speaking Brochure

Coach Greg Winkler is available to speak to your organization. Topics include:
Building relationships through athletics
Dealing with parents
Leadership • Team building • Goal setting
Drugs, alcohol, and performance enhancements
Other topics covered in the book A Season of Significance